William Galston — When Character Reigned

This post is a lovely essay by William Galston about the importance of character in political life, which was published recently in American Prospect.  Here's a link to the original.   His case in point is George Washington, whose own character was the key to American independence and the formative influence on establishing the American presidency.   … Continue reading William Galston — When Character Reigned

Beneficent Buffoon — The Case of Napoleon III

History is full of ironies.  One is that sometimes buffoons can be more beneficent national leaders than great men.  A case in point is Napoleon III.  My source for this analysis is the new book by Alan Strauss-Schom, The Shadow Emperor: A Biography of Napoleon III. Louis Napoleon Bonaparte was the undistinguished nephew and heir … Continue reading Beneficent Buffoon — The Case of Napoleon III